Data is not oil, its land; and mapmakers are the real innovators of the information age.

To know where you stand and what direction you face makes all the difference whether or not you ever find the proverbial oasis you seek or spend the rest of your life wandering in the metaphorical bazaar.

What  map-makers discover through their work:
• Individual work is the looking glass into your identity, the path you choose says a lot about who you are.
• Intentional networking and mindfulness is powerful.
• The shape of your true journey will always give you the best prediction as to what happens next.

Join our network of thinkers, creators, and digital cartographers to start mapping your territory.

Below is my public map that I share with everyone . Use this map to locate me on the big wide web. Interested in learning more about my private map where I share all of my unfiltered ideas? Get in touch!